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Hello everyone. My Name is, St. Patrick. Or just Patrick :)

I am a graduate of Fine Art Kingston University London, and my family are all galwegians. Currently I am teaching myself modelling, animation and programming (I know the latter is not so simply done).

Since I have been back I have been proactive in a campaign to raise Galway as a games development county and city. To compliment this I have been liaising with politicians and engaging with corporations for sponsorship.

If anyone is would like to be a part of this, I am trying to organise a meetup in Galway which would help peoples development in animation, modelling, and programming. My aim is to have an active team led community raising the profile in the community, which would develop games for the indie market and sell them through steam, iOS, xbox, PSN, and android.

The aim of the group is to attract fresh young blood aiding them in their professional development while working towards a team lead build title which would then be published and split between the teams should they turn profit.

I have access to a lot of free educational materials which I can make available to those who wish to attend. For those with skills, it may be something you wish to join to raise your profile as an active member of the Galway community. Let alone being involved with developing titles.