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The best game EA released was Battle for Middle earth (loved that game. the RTS on the PC) and Burnout3 the rest was really substandard dribble, with the odd moment in there from others.

But thats the problem with EA and always will be. They will strive to keep the market they have, and the sooner peolpe see that EA sportstitles are practically the same year in year out all the better. The sooner they see that the sims releases are just over glorified mods the better. And the sooner they see that all hollywood cash ins are virtually the same the better.

People (Mainly parents and spoiled children) will stop buying all the crap they release. Focsing on the better range of titles they offer. Such as Battlefield 2, Burnout 4, etc

instead of EA’s instant cash in line. Seriously what suckers buy Fifa, heck I gave up on it back on the snes, where my brother got the first release. and from then on it was a yearly release and every two years it was a double release. But what sort of improvements can you get into a game in 3 – 6 month development time? Here at work we have enough problems trying to make sure that any fixes we make doesnt actually break existing stuff. So obviously its not substantial coding, perhaps a list of bug fixes and a few new features, with more bug fixes towards end of development.

:confused: I best stop now, or I will write another thesis. This one would be entitled. WHY FIFA FOOTBALL SERIES IS CRAP