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Nice work there ftorek, your work shows great potential!
Ok heres my crit but please dont take this personally its just my observations which will hopefully help and not offend.

– For a model being 3k I think the ponytail is a bit primitive, there could of been more thought into this area and also I think you missed a great chance to use some real nice alphas.

– Since this creature is a hairy one I think there could be alot more alphas going on to enhance this hairy creature. Bushy hair around the calves and wrists would of really helped this piece.

– There is a noticable seem where the beard joins with the chin and also I think I can see a seem where the edge of the face joins with the rest of the skull

– It looks as if you didnt want to model an ear so you went for a sort of hole going into the head, maybe it would of been better to hide the ear with some shaggy hair rather than have a strange ear hole?

– Oh and the belly button looks a little too big in my opinion.

– Also as a further suggestion I’ve noticed that in 3D character creation it’s essential to add things that break up symmetry.

– I think the design of your char is a bit bland and with not much effort a few unique sections might bring it more to life.

Anyway I hope this helps and feel free to rip into my work! :)