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Unlikely 2 years we’ll see a games company in Ireland hiring many people, unfortuantely. Unless a publisher decides to move a base there.[/quote:6b2ce548cc]While that MAY be true (assuming you are referring only to mainstream-commercial PC/console games ;)) I’m not sure what you are basing that opinion on, Peter. For example: aren’t the Instinct-Tech games studio spin-off advertising for people at the moment – not to mention Demonware & PopCap?[/quote:6b2ce548cc]

I’m referring to actual game development studios, not middlware technology. Because essential demoware\havok etc dont develop the games, they make the tech which facilitate the games. As for Instinct, I was under the illusion they had shifted their focus towards developing game engine tech and had moved away from the developing titles idea. However, im basing this observation purely on my interpretation of interviews in develop\web etc and lack of game title announcements. Although if a game studio did setup back home with competitve salaries (in terms of uk sterling), id definately consider.

Also i reckon omens right in terms of salaries, anything which would setup in the next year or two prob wouldnt have the same salary scale unless they had back of a major player.