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Well I guess this is my informal update.

As ya all may or may not know I came back here to Canada to see if I could get a job in the industry, with my brand spankin new demo reel to show the world. Lots of my alumni mates managed to get positions, give or take, so I figured I’ve have a bit better luck with referrals than last time. That was in March-April-ish, I knocked on everydoor, printed up tonnes of dvd reels, went to all sorts of jobs fair, shuck hands, was all smiles, HR people seemed impressed that I knew people who worked for them and that I relocated from Ireland to work for them. And then….nothing, nothing, and more nothing.

So I needed ot pay rent and applied to an airline called WestJet, they’re sorta like Ryanair as in relatively cheap flights, but they pride themselves on good customer service.

5 months on and I am enjoying myself alot, feels far more stable than any sort of games job could. My buddy who landed his dream job at Radical was let go when his contract expired and is “willing to relocate” all over again, and my other buddy is kinda getting sick of his 3rd year doing QA for EA. Meanwhile I am loving being able to finally play games again and watch movies without feeling guilty about not workin on a demo reel, and /or re-introducing myself to HR person after HR person, and being told that they might have an opening in 3 months time.

So its hard to say I’ll never work in games, I’m still a huge fan of game design, following all the news etc and still thinking how they could make it all better. But the industry is just so unstable and hit driven at the moment, that it does not make sense to keep hitting my head against the wall trying to get in, when actually all I’m giving up is a head ache.