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Ronan, you should listen to this weeks GFW Radio from the 1up Network.
I think they have the discussion you’re looking for.

On the point of reviews I’ve felt that after GTA, and other similar hyped games, reviews have come to a empass and there needs to be a discussion of where game reviews are headed. I’m not sure I care for a score anylonger, and prefer to just read the text of the review.
Frankly Jeremy Parish’s review of MGS4 is one that I empathise with. I have always loved Metal Gear & Kojima, it is my favorite series, but that doesn’t make me oblivious to its faults, and it has many {if anything some portions of the game have an un-canny valley mix of good & bad}.

Now off for some last minute revision of Applied Maths and after the exam play through MGS4 on Boss Hard.

Edit: Lol, you recommended GFW in your edit which wasn’t there when was I replying. Nice.