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Edit: Lol, you recommended GFW in your edit which wasn’t there when was I replying. Nice.[/quote:9ee4da384c]

Yeah, I was editing as you were posting. Listening to GFW over the past few weeks it would appear they were getting a little annoyed with how some people went about reviews.

I also loved their feature on Critical Analysis (hence why I was beating that drum), but the masses wanted a score slapped on it which negates the reason for Critical Analysis.

Finished MGS4 again, this time without using a more stealthy approach. It has some very very polished mechanics that do wonders for the experience. Although I am a bit undecided as to whether or not I like the constant interuptions (narrative / loading) where it takes you out of the experience and then throws you straight back in. (Skipping is a Godsend for multiple play throughs)