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Finished this on thursday and it was great, better than great. But now thats over back to full time 360.

I’m probably going to sell my elite and GTAIV just to get this and a PS3…I can’t wait any longer :D And there is nothing coming out for the 360 for ages, whereas the good version (PS3) of Soul Calibur IV comes out in August![/quote:c03d4b7ffe]

What makes Soul Calibur better on PS3?[/quote:c03d4b7ffe]

Same about going back to 360. I’ve been playing on & off games of MGO, but completely back into my 360.
Soul Calibur has 3 Star Wars characters joining. Yoda on the 360, Vader on the PS3, Apprentice on both. Both Yoda and Vader are highly rumoured to become DLC for either platform, but frankly when a series sinks this low, the sharks begin to circle. I loved SC1 } 2 ….
I’ll be picking up Street Fighter 4, thank you very much.