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Yeah, the the costs involved these days go beyond the affordable. Try start up a new games company over the last few years and you would have needed somewhere in the region of several million expenses to do a console game. This was do-able, if very hard.
These days you’re talking about 10s of millions, which is unrealistic for a new company.
The chances are, we’re going to be left with a small number of large companies…EA, Take2, Sega… controlling everything. This leaves a much smaller model for innovation to emerge as the marketeers will be flooding the market with the proven models, tiger woods golf, need for speeds, sonic, gta 47. Surely games are better than that.

As for online distribution, I’m hearing very little about it these days, sure its the future and means more return for the developers, but its all for naught really if developers can’t afford to create the games. They’ll still need the funding from the publishers so you’re still locked within the small circle of giant publishers making the games they insist on.

The demand will always be there, but will the playability??