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Look at Ragdoll KungFu for an example. $20 dollars a pop, and selling like hotcakes, with no publisher overheads (except maybe a cut to valve for Steam distribution). And the game cost about $3 to make.

If a start-up can manage something similar (I’m aware Lionhead isn’t a startup, but Lionhead didn’t develop RDKF), and turn a tidy enough profit, they can plough it, aswell as investor funds generated by initial success back into development and produce something larger and more concerted.

This is not my ideal model, but it’s a step in the right direction. It remains an ultra-high-risk industry to be a start-up in, though.

That is probably one of the most schizophrenic replies to a topic I have ever read……
The beginning and end are like something that was written by a semi-trained ape, but the middle was pretty well thought out and intelligent. [/quote:410d61fa2c]

I choose to take that as a complement.

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