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you called ;)

Windows CE (and its libraries) is not on the dreamcast, it was just a alternative development kit. Yes Linux and NetBSD where ported to the dc (homebrew) and there is KOS the homebrew SDK. The dc did not have a built in OS. DClinux is not that pratical, as it uses most of the 16mb of ram even before you run anything, ( but you could play doom on it, very slowly), the biggest problem is no harddrive, so everything has to be loading into that tiny ram size.

really KOS is the most used as it was designed from the ground up for the DC, and there is still loads of active development includeing 12-15 new commerical indepented games for 2006/07, and other homebrew like DCRPG and homebrew MMORPG (well up to 8 players)

Actaully they had very good piracy protection ( as in the GD-rom disc)….. bar leaving 1 big huge hole. they left in support for mill-cd for music cds that could also contain software for the dc. This was japan and was left in the US and Euro bios (by mistake? ), they finally removed mill-cd support for the last batch of dc made (in the US and japan, not the euro ones) which to this day is completely unable to run and cdrs. Your can get GDr on ebay but you still need a boot disc to get them running, + they are very rare, and GD burners are even rarer

it has been a huge arguement how much piracy played in the dreamcast downfall, but really there are loads of different factors ( its failer in japan compared to the saturn, for one)

back on topic the SixAxis can be charged 1,000 times lasting 30hrs, that 30,000 hrs max/total

edit: http://www.gamesindustry.biz/content_page.php?aid=20528

Sony has told GamesIndustry.biz that the company will provide a service to replace wireless PS3 controllers “when and if” their lithium batteries degrade.[/quote:5a35fe2665]