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Consider this, we have two months left at NWIFHE. after that some of us will be part of Incubate (or whatever its called), the rest of us have to make our own path. So how else are we going to stay in contact with each other? I sure as h*** don’t want to just forget about all the cool people I have gotten to know in the last 8 months. [/quote:d49a537c3e]
I don’t think there’s any need for the hostilities. You don’t want to give the ICE course a reputation it most certainly doesn’t deserve. Tony was simply offering an opinion – one that many think is quite right and has been mentioned on several occasions now.

Look at the popular game dev communities throughout the world that have been successful. They all have an angle that attracts people. This one in particular is aimed mainly towards people on our island to help the Irish development community grow and discuss our industry.

Personally I’d push the fact that it’s for students primarily from NWIFHE. Perhaps have a forum for people to ask questions about the college and give them an opportunity to question students on the courses available there.

Nice site, by the way! You may want to cut down on the number of forums, it’s a little cluttered. Be sure to include GD.ie on the links page! :)