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Originally posted by Nooptical I have no real reason to sign up for your site at the moment, because I have been using this site for longer. I know the people on this site better, and I am happy with these forums. Your site at the moment, doesn’t offer anything new for me that I can’t get or do at this site, so I don’t see why I should bother signing up and participating.[/quote:31a380c04c] which was my point exactly

If something was perceived as lacking on this site, why not simply set up new forums/threads?

There are also many professional developers browsing or actively participating on this site, and you will lose out on that perspective

I guess the main thing I’m driving at is that the country and its dev community is simply too small to support so many dev sites (the busiest time this site has ever had was only 72 users!)

From an IGDA perspective my goal is to promote the industry island-wide, and given the size of the industry here, I personally believe this is best served by everyone rowing in the same direction. As the axiom has it – when you want to dig a ten foot hole, you don’t dig ten holes one foot deep…