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Aphra K

hi all..

greetings from Vancouver – sometimes this academic lark isn’t too bad – over here for DIGRA – see the calendar..will post more as the conference progresses. There is an IGDA Vancouver meeting arranged to coincide with the event tomorrow night which should be good.

I am hoping the book will be called Gamework/Gameplay although my editor didn’t know what gameplay was and will probably want me to add a sub-title ..that title was suggested in part by an earlier thread on gd.ie so there will be an appropriate acknowledgement in the opening of the book!!

I think in paper back the book will cost around the twenty pounds mark – again I don’t have too much control over that.. it is a kind of standard academic type price and the target audience is undergraduate media and game studies students..

I will however be looking for pics to illustrate sections of the book and may be in contact with some people about this when I get back. They will have to be in black and white in the text so that rules out really dark moody images…I am going to use both know well known screen shots with less well known images

thanks for all your support tho…it might not be a really exciting read, not exactly Joyce, but it should be informative even for game devs who are not the main market..