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1) Newbie (1 post when asking “have you done this/that Nooptical?”)
2) baiting regulars for PSP bad-mouthing (well, at least faults-outlining/debate)
3) then evangelising (of sorts) PSP

If it looks like one, sounds like one, smells like one… catch my drift?;)

Not that it wouldn’t be fun poking fun at Messengers of the Sonea faith, mind… But I believe such debates lead nowhere and are therefore best avoided: which is better, PSP or DS? Is one better for games, the other for price, one better for innovation, the other for looks, etc, etc?

Who TF cares? Like PS2/Xbox/GC before, this will probably turn into a ‘better to have both’ situation. PSP for the big franchises and better graphics (GTA, GT4…), DS for quirky multiplayer titles (Mario Kart DS and others). Such that direct comparison on any point (tech/design/price/ergonomics) is, IMHO, pointless.