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Can’t we go on, or on and on and on and on……..Nooptical :)

Hey I have two suggestions, (which I know I know, belong in the suggestions thread and not here really):

Why don’t I set up an Irish game developers site in Irish ( could I possibly be more elitist than that! why even google have done it, Latin / Udru ?) Only people called MAl with Red hair could join. Although we can make exceptions for acedemics or indeed all people who have low red blood cell counts. the clithe rinne (or whatever I, me, myself & our team decide) is given life…ah ha ha…I vont to drink your blooood ah ha ha………vorld domination here ve come Meister Bond…..ah ha ha….phew just got the tablet (& I don’t mean wacom) in time.

And maybe cause it’s getting to late friday afternoon:

I think specifically the GD.ie Salmon of knowledge award title should be changed to the ‘Blowfish of Bullshit Award’ to allow me to win some thing although I haven’t earned it, don’t deserve or merit it, have no experience of saltwater fish or agriculture, why not me, we, why not I, us we, ourselves, shouldn’t I see my name in lights,…..even headlights……………………ops