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A few of us from Donegal are thinking about coming down to see what all this shindig business is all about.

So as newbies we wanna know what time does the drinking start, and what time does the drinking end?

(Can we bring a SNES and Mario Kart and see what you guys are made of, or is that very idea enough to be banned from all future shindigs?)

Ghost Valley 1 – Time Trials anyone?[/quote:5cf737ee04]
The drinking usually starts anywhere between seven and eight, and continues on till we get kicked out. Sometimes we head out after, though the last few times Tony’s arthritis has been acting up andwe all headed out seprate ways about half one. Assuming we are back in Mahaffeys, we all end up walking towards Doyles after we get kicked out, and some bright spark generally tters the infamous ‘just one more’ line.

We will be sitting in a pub, drinking beer and *talking* about games. You are welcome to bring a SNES if you want, though the odds of it getting played are zero, and the odds of it getting destroyed by flying drink much higher. I wouldnt mind a bit of Kart some time soon again though.