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A small update…

Knowing the courts in this country however, I won’t be holding my breath![/quote:889ea407c5]

As an aside to the topic, au contraire mon ami, injunctions are sought and granted in fairly short time-frames.

Also our experience of the new commercial court has been very positive in getting cases in and heard very quickly, and they will accept IP cases.

This has another positive effect of stopping what was a prevalent practice of issuing proceedings (ie starting litigation) where it was unlikely to be successful in the often-sucessful-anticipation that people will pay for you to go away to avoid years of painful court process to prove that they were right to begin with. Now you can be called into court very quickly if you issue proceedings and will be punished quickly and harshly if you should clearly not have done so. Judge Kelly (mentioned in the article and who is head of commercial court) is known for being fairly tough in that regard.