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Originally posted by zoltar Have you held a PSP yet Nooptical?
Have you played any of the games yet Nooptical?[/quote:aad78992a9]

Originally posted by zoltar (not a fanboy,) Just curious Steph,Nooptical sounds like he knows a small bit about the PSP. I thought he might own one and played some of the games. Also Steph is it a bit clicky around these parts?[/quote:aad78992a9]

Originally posted by zoltar
I’ve been using a number of different PSP for the last 4 months and I have had none of the above problems. [/quote:aad78992a9]


Me begins to detect increasing levels of artificially-suppressed fanboyism.

Clickiness threshold, initially lowered for welcoming purposes, is being concurrently reassessed…