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If you’re looking for a book on DirectX then Frank Luna’s book is good- Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0[/quote:61e942ef10]

la mothe books a fantastic. ive got both of them. 2nd one is extremely advanced and definately not for the newbies out there. First one is very good for an introduction to the area of games programming.[/quote:61e942ef10]

Right, yeah that sounds good. Maybe that and LaMothe’s first one would be a good starting point for me.

What kind of position are you thinking of applying for?[/quote:61e942ef10]

Im not too sure yet about that, just want to make a simple game at first that will require me to do a little of graphics, a.i. and physics to see what i like. I’ve already done a game with some network programming in Java and didnt fancy it, so not that anyway.

Ill start off with something simple at first and try and see which area i’d like to work in. Then once i know that i can put together a few more advanced demos. Thats the plan anyway. Thanks for the info.