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I don’t like the PSP. Then again, I don’t like the PS2 either, maybe I have a dislike for Sony products :eek:

“flying disks, unresponsive square button, dodgy key and stick positioning”
I’ve been using a number of different PSP for the last 4 months and I have had none of the above problems.[/quote:9d147e9246]

I’m glad to hear it, but you can’t deny its true from reading the news on the web. The amount of returns is pretty high.
I also don’t agree thats its a sexy design. Technically it isn’t what Sony have said it is either.

By the way guys, baiting newbies is really annoying. Chances are he’ll not post again because you pissed him off, just because he had an opinion. Not exactly the kind of atmosphere that we should have on a forum that is trying to attract as many people as possible due to the lack of games educated people in Ireland. If you’re reading this zoltan, ignore them.