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It is one level with everything you’d expect in a modern game, an intro video, ai, surround sound, (Basic) physics etc. For the average gamer there is at least 15 minutes of gameplay.

The ai isn’t perfect but enemies will follow you around and up and down steps, roam around if the lose you or haven’t seen you yet, will hear you coming and shoot at you on sight.

We included as many features as we could, rumble works when your health goes below a certain level or an in game video is activated, health packs, limited invincibility etc.

We brought it into the student centre as well for testing and it went down really well. Actually the department asked if they could use it as part of the Computer Science stand at the UCC open day last week where it was a big hit apparently and they have asked for screenshots that can be used for newsletters/newspapers as well. The reaction to it really has been great.