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Yes maths is very important.

Though, I know some people who had strong leaving certs and went to college and flew through the course.4 years later they still cant/dont enjoy programming. Not meant to be sexist it was mainly girls who got the best marks and didnt enjoy the programming. Alot wanted to go in the direction of teaching and lecturing after their degree and did post grads in related subjects.

On the other hand i loved programming, lived college to the max, scraped through my first 3 years and then got in to game programming and re-discovered the reasons i picked the BsC as my subject.

I hated the marketing and OO all none direct code subjects. I loved maths and all related subjects. Hated Physic & Electronic systems.

Oh the joys of college.

Sorry off on a bit of a tangent. Yeah maths is important and i guess all the non-computer people who got steered in to Computer Science by their Career guidance teacher are no longer pciking computers anymore and only the people who are into them.

I wonder how the couses fair now against the students in the hayday of CS. Over half my starting class never finished the course and the points were higher then to get in to these courses.

Anyhow back to writing code ;p (its better than my english)