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Depends if there’s any explicit mentions on the material not to do so, e.g. marked “confidential”, “not for (public) release”, etc.
And whether the speaker has explicitly stated (orally) that he intended for his presentation and hand-out to be priviledged/confidential/not for release/etc.

If so, then no you can’t. If not, then there shouldn’t be any problem. But the answer probably lies in the middle, however I’ll need more info to precise that :)

At any rate, isn’t IEEE a ‘public’ body, e.g. publishing proceedings and papers free? Or do you have to be a (paying?) member to access stuff?

Under copyright Statutes, you should always obtain consent of the author. But who’s the author? The lecturer/presenter or the IEEE? Just have a close look at the material handed out, I’d be very surprised if there isn’t a copyright mention somewhere and font-size-1 ‘rules & regs’ regarding the reproduction and distribution of this paper. Let me know…