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As for alot of j2me game companies in uk, i doubt it, i was referring to console and pc. If anyone is developing mobile games though i doubt they use j2me now, seen much more impressive stuff using brew and c++. Check out the brew website to see what i mean, makes j2me look pants ;)[/quote:fdebf4b0ed]

I’m relatively new to Java ME and even newer to games. Is Java ME losing popularity in general, or just in the gaming side of mobile applications? What about the smaller games that come with phones? – I assumed that they were made using Java ME.[/quote:fdebf4b0ed]

j2me is still kicking about but majority of games made using it are fairly limited and dated looking. Games which come on cheap phone probably use j2me, as their limited in processor speed and graphics. The more modern top end phones typically come with brew games, as they have good gpu’s and cpu’s.

Prob best to do some coding with brew, at least it will enhance your c++.