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The Torque engine can be quite cumbersome to use. The art pipelines and workflow architecture can cause many headaches. The process of successfully exporting a model from 3D Studio Max is my main gripe with the engine to be honest. Your finished model has to have a number of dummies and bounding boxes linked to it, both with naming conventions etc etc.

Now if you know someone that can use maxscript, you can cut down greatly on the amount of time you spend preparing your art assets, by creating a button that will automate all these things for you.

Also, Torque doesnt contain any bsp editor so you will have to use an external editor such as Quarke, or Radiant. There is too forms of models that torque uses, .dts (world models such as characters, props etc) and .diff (buildings, or bsp brushes.) All .dts are made in Max or your preferred modelling package. And keep in mind, only .diff models cast and recieve shadows.

The engine is quite robust however and the terrain editor is superb. The GUi (graphical user interface) editor is also very intuitive and easy to use. Once you get models into the game, its easy to add in scripts, which is done through the console.

The Torque engine is becoming more and more outdated each week, and the Shader engine is on its way soon, but it does have a comprehensive toolset and there are a number of add-on packs and plugins that you can buy for nothing, that will update its lighting code etc. These are all legitimate and can all be purchased via Garagegames.com

Gotta run to work now, but PM me if you have anymore questions.