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The online documentation on GarageGames.com isint the best. Some of the tutorials miss some valuable points and will have you pulling your hair out wondering what your doing wrong.

Do not fear, I have a solution! If you are willing to splash out another 50 euro, you can purchase a book called 3D Games Programming all in 1 by Kenneth C Finney. The book goes through the FULL development of a small game demo, covering all aspects of production. And guess what? It uses TGE to develop it on. So that means everything in the book is directly related to Torque, its processes, art pipelines, scripting etc. It will have you up and running in no time. It was a life saver when I was in Starcave last summer, saved me from going bald.

Like i said, PM me if you have ANY queries on TGE.

Oh and its really great to see things are progressing nicely Keith :) Really happy for you and Starcave. :)