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Also, Torque doesnt contain any bsp editor so you will have to use an external editor such as Quarke, or Radiant. There is too forms of models that torque uses, .dts (world models such as characters, props etc) and .diff (buildings, or bsp brushes.) All .dts are made in Max or your preferred modelling package. And keep in mind, only .diff models cast and recieve shadows.
By the way, how does one make .diff’s so? I would have thought you could do them in Max aswell? :?[/quote:53cbea1a62]

The .diff file format are basically any geometry that you have exported from a map editor such as Quark or Radiant. We had some major trouble as we tried to make our buildings in Max using the .dts format. Well for a number of reasons, it was a very bad desicion.. The buildings looked nice in the engine, sure, but they didnt cast and recieve any shadows which made them look like they were floating a few inches above ground. Also, when we filled up a street with buildings, the frame rate began taking a huge hit. Basically, with .dts, the engine renders everything behind the model, if its visible or not. There really is no way around this, so I advice you to learn one of the may bsp editors, either for free or for a small price.

We werent to fond of Quark etc, so we purchased a lovely little package called Cartography Shop. http://cartographyshop.thegamecreators.com/

It will set you back about 50 euro, but it is a brilliant little program that will have you up and running in no time.

I have to add, it is possible to make .diff’s in Max, using a little script known as Game Level Builder. http://www.maple3d.com/MainFrameScriptsPage.htm
You can download the last release (2.2) for free. Its a little program that will let you create all of your convex geometry in Max, but it will only let you export as a .map file when you are finished. You then have to bring the .map file into an editor like Quark, Cartography shop etc, and export again, only this time a .diff. They are rendered much faster in the engine and nothing is rendered behind them. They are also great for culling and LOD.