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i’m not too sure about the psp but the dreamcast homebrew scene is legal, there are already 4 commerical released homebrew games for the dreamcast ( with a run of between 1000- 5000 for each game) no fees where paid to sega. also there was bleemcast which there were 3 releases of

the homebrew scene does not use the offical SDK. basicly the only problem is the IP.bin which all software needs to run on the DC. At first this was ripped from a commercial game. but a guy reverse engineer the file to make a truely legal homebrew. there are 3 bootstraps, 2 where everse engineer, but it turned out the last one could not!

but there is a court ruling that allows us to use that bootstrap

There was a case that went to the United States Supreme court in which Sega sued Accolade for disassembling the boot sequence of the Genesis to release unlicensed software. The court ruled in favor of Accolade, making unlicensed independant software legal in the United States. Here is the relevant quote from the case, Sega v. Accolade (1992):

“In light of the public policies underlying the Act, we conclude that, when the person seeking the understanding has a legitimate reason for doing so and when no other means of access to the unprotected elements exists, such disassembly is as a matter of law a fair use of the copyrighted work.” [/quote:04540e829f]

also, think about it, the homebrew scene is just as legal as those cheat/boot discs that you can get in any game shop ( they are not licenced)


gizmo: well the psp is allready region free (for games), so it looks like they are head down that road.

you can really blame sony for wanting to close the door for homebrew, because it could lead the way for games being released with no fees going to sony. but even more worringly is the Warez….. its a shame, but for every homebrewer ther are 10 warez kids

i think sony should meet them 1/2 way, i.e. some how allow homebrew (free) and close there door to warez… they are ways of doing that.

off topic:

cool hearders was the last DC homebrew commercial release, and i just notices torrents for it on some so called dreamcast fan sites. there are only 1000 or so copys pressed, and every sale counts for the future of such release, so its annying to see that it been downloaded over 200 times :(

Cool hearders