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Interesting that you mentioned Molyneux. This months edition of GAMES-TM gives him a good ol slating.

Article on Page 85, starts by highlighting the fact that the industry is being spear-headed by old-schoolers, who are too old and out of touch with the grass-roots games playing nation. Admittedly, I found the writer to be some-what “Age-ist”, as he pretty much stated that if your over 30, then you have no business in the computer games busines. A bit harsh, I reckon.

However, the bit I did find interesting about the article was that the author highlighted a serious gap in the market-place, as there doesn’t seem to be any young-superstars (Wayne Rooneys of the Games World), or any form of Manchester-United-Style young training camps. (The author obviously doesn’t know about Robbie Hegarty’s ICE course…)

Anyone else see that article?

And was Fable really such a let down? It was on my “to-do” list, but the Knights of the Old Republic II came along, and the rest is history.