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Disturbing as these things are, at least we know that the only people who will buy, sell or otherwise promote them are in the minority and are nothing but bigoted fools, and as such natural selection will kick in and they will probably die of something strange. More than likely due to the fact that their mother is also their aunt.[/quote:64ff9669fc]
I think it’s a very dangerous thing to characterise all racists as inbred, ill educated fools. Such things can often be far closer to home than one would like to think. In addition, the amount of “ah, shure it cant be *that* bad, combined with a probably unheard of amount of free advertising would probably see it do far better than most of us would like to see it.

And in fairness, when you think about it, why is it really so bad? How many games have you bought that involve visceral excutions, cut scenes and slow motions of limbs being chopped off and people dying, hookers, pimps, mowing down people on the pavements? How many false gods have you worshipped, how many Aryan armies have you raised, how many times have you driven off the racially superior aliens?

If racially stereotyping groups according to the characteristics they display is worse than all the above, then maybe we should look at our existing virtual sins and reevaluate them with just a little more moral responsibility.


(See ya’ll at the shindig – Ill be the guy with the white pointy hat burning effigies in the corner)