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Agreed. And now you should be hit by the ‘no smiling matter’ retort too.[/quote:4cfddc4df1]

Why should I let a bunch of inbred bigots stop me from smiling? The day people like this actually hold some sort of power or influence over normal, educated, moral human beings then I will stop considering them nothing but a joke, and thus, stop smiling. But whilst they do nothing but create a sub-standard joke of a game that will be played or bought by no-one except their own scum kind, then I will laugh at their idiocy.
The fact that people are even giving this serious thought and press time, and as such promoting their game and their views is also a joke.
Word of the day: Joke.
They are a joke, their views are a joke, their game is a joke and giving them any time in the day is a joke. :D :D :D