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I was on a flight from Dublin to London on thursday morning, landing in Heathrow less than an hour after the explosions hit. Just off the plane, there are big plasma screen TVs and Sky News were were just beginning to get an information feed on the events. My plan was to get the Picadilly line from Heathrow (on which the main explosion happened), though obviously all the lines were closed at that stage. Had I got a flight an hour earlier, I probably would have been on one of the trains that were running at the time of the explosion.

Nothing moved in the airport for at least the next 2 hours, though eventually they managed to get one of the Heathrow express trains up and running. Got on that, got into Paddington, and walked the 2.5 hours to my destination.

As far as I could see, life went on as normal over the course of the morning. The area of town I was in was still as busy as it would be any other day, though about half of the shops were closed due to the events. There was a lot of police movement and sirens, though people in general were good natured and prepared to accept that there was going to be some disrution, though they werent going to let it change their plans for the day. The one slight frownworthy moment was the couple I overheard saying that the bombs would mean they would miss their lunch now. Iwould only hope they hadnt heard of the seriousness of the event when they said it.