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Thats cause hes a Max user (prob longtime) [/quote:77d11d8d9a]

Perhaps. Perhaps not. My dad does drinkn’t Pepsi. Not because he’s a longtime Coke drinker, but because he doesn’t like Pepsi.

I am still evaluating it (Maya, not Pepsi), and I really want to love it. Some of the features, I dearly love already (The Hotbox, for example, looks like it could prove a real time-saver).

However, I sometimes look at the interface, with its multi-layers of shelves, buttons, flyouts, tabs, nodes and menus and wonder if it really needs to be so complex, at least for game purposes?

Ideally, I’d like to be pretty nifty with both!

Dave: How would you tackle an object that had repeating textured geometry? Each face by hand, then weld them to the same place on the bitmap?