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Hi y’all, thanks to everyone for the comments. I’ve been looking through some of the forums here, and I had no idea that there were so many talent peeps based in Ireland. The standard is incredibly high, worlds away from my college days. My current site on geocities is temporary, and I’m looking into other options. And hey, I tried to fix the HTML tag, but the damn thing just wouldn’t work for me! DOH! I’m a big Silent Hill fan, the work those guys do is awesome, so to notice that influence in this model (Nice one Paul!) is a great compliment. The last time I heard about game dev in Ireland was Funcom a few years back, and when they shut down I thought okay, that’s it. The last commercial project I was involved in was Deciphers Star Wars CCG thing, which was cool, cause it’s STAR WARS! But I’d love to do something over here, even pixel art (I used to create games and demos using basic on everything from the ZX81 to the Commodore Amiga back in the day!) Anyway, I look forward to posting here again, cheers!