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You havn’t a monkies chance in hell of running newer games with the 7200GO. The minimum you should be looking at is the 7400Go however I’d be very surprised if it couldnt run a Quake 3 game. Heres a review of a Sony laptop with that card. Link Not sure how the other specs compare with the machine you’re looking at but it doesnt look too positive I’m afraid. :?[/quote:d380147e0f]

Im not going to be using it for games, was just curious what the range was as a i never read or used anything with the lower 7000 series cards. All i need is for it to use max, photoshop, direct x model viewer, etc and more than likly alot of coding.

Its a new HP pavillion dv6000, AMD Turion 64 x 2 1.81ghz, 2048 ram, 100gb harddrive, built in 1.4 mp webcam, widescreen tft, bells and whistles and a partridge in a apple tree.