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Thanks for the feedback everyone ! :P

Hi Darragh,

The screenshots of the blast effect look great – can you re-upload the game as a single .RAR or .ZIP? ( what was the reason for the separate files – download restrictions or something? ) [/quote:c24d80d3ac]

Yeah there’s a file size limit of 500K with my web-host so I pretty much have to split everything up into separate parts. Its a real pain to say the least.. I might upgrade from free hosting soon and get rid of that restriction. Also I would be able to get my own full domain name so that would be cool as well.

Nice work Darragh, great to see some amazing stuff like that, flying the Purple and Gold for games development!!! Far better than anything I ever put together for a project.

If you want the use of some webspace to upload those files properly send me a mail. I have loads of webspace and bandwidth I’m not using right now, so someone may as well.[/quote:c24d80d3ac]

Cheers man ! Proud to be flying the Wexford colors too so I am ! :wink: Hey that sounds great, thanks for that ! What web-host are you with ?