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MotorStorm Pimpage, sorry I have to be biased about our game…

Compared to the E3 presentation, the game looked surprisingly like its promise. The game featured buggies and motorcycles running through a rugged desert. The game’s advanced new mud physics were incredible, leaving ruts behind in the mud using real physics. For example, a motorcycle was seen cutting a deep groove in the mud while kicking up muck at a white truck following it. The particle effects, however, were not nearly that level, looking a little temporary at this stage.


This ought to be a good acid test for crowd reaction – apparently a real-time MotorStorm demo is on display. MotorStorm was one of the most controversial of the E3 videos last year, but early reports from our man (yes, it is a man) suggest that there’s plenty of mud flying around and dust going everywhere, HDR effects and highly detailed visuals. Hmm, mud-slinging… Wheels leave wet mud trails which are persistent, says Harrison; as they dry out, they change the contours of the ground and mess with your suspension realistically. Vehicles get dirty from the mud, with wet spray that dries over time (it’s all very hair-drier-fun-time, isn’t it?), and, naturally, we’re to expect more at E3.