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generally, start-ups don’t need to go straight in to expensive, fancy leased offices.

There are a lot of supports available and many include serviced office space at reasonable costs. In Dublin, there’s the M50 programme, most of the Universities have incubation space and there are other facilities provided by govt. agencies such as IDA etc.

Around the country, there are also facilities. Meedja, for example, are in the RDC at DKIT. Residency here has proven a great boost as it removes all the headaches- ESB, internet, telephone, post, fax, copier, reception, meeting facilties etc. are all provided on a pay by use basis or as part of the reasonable rent. This means the company can walk in with equipment and start working from day 1.

Such facilities give a company a leg up and give a period of years to get on the right track.

Facilities are there if you look for them.