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Are ye lads talking about the 5 credit module part of Comp Sci degree in UCC?Turns out that they thought it was so rubbish(and funding problems) they scrapped the Graphics module altogether last year!!

On another note started in Abertay last week with 2 lads from UCC and turns out that 2 other lads from Ireland have also started the course. The course is 17 people so it turns out that the Irish are the most prominent ‘race’ in the course!Bit of a farce isn’t it??!!
Any of ye done the Abertay Msc course, any tips/what to be wary of/look out for?How do we get involved in Dare to be Digital-is it true that Abertay student gain entry automatically??

Questions over for now!![/quote:85c9b9bcb0]

They didnt scrap the graphics course because it was rubbish, they scrapped it because it was too tough a course for people and they failed it. Hence the numbers were getting lower every year. Year i did finals year there was prob 5-10 ppl at most, i dont know how many actually sat the exam.
Personally i dont think colleges sho do this, but hey with falling cao\cas points the calibre drops from year to year, what ya gonna do. Which seems to be a common trend IMHO courses adapted based on the level of skill\knowledge of the class. Funding generally isnt a problem with a module because the lecturer is already being paid.

So sounds like we’ll be interview more irish in the year or 2 ahead. Who knows Sega Driving Studio might be taking a few of ye on, if ye fair out well.