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What exactly is this nonsense now ? Why can’t everyone just get along.. Sigh.. :roll:

To programmers:

Artists are not a waste of your time. Your fancy pixel shaders and uber-cool graphics engine will look like complete and utter s**te unless you have talented artists producing the goods that can back it up. So give them the tools that they need, make things as easy as possible for them to express themselves and get the job done. Stop begruding them just because they might not have the same level of technical expertise or knowledge of computers as you do, everyone cannot be good at everything.

To artists:

Programmers are not all nerds, serial killers or star trek geeks. They do not smell and they are for the most part are actually quite approachable. Talk to them and you will see that. Let them know what you need and I’m sure they will listen. You are not cooler than them, you do not have a better taste in things or better social skills. Without them you’re stuff is going nowhere so learn to appreciate that.

Now let that be the end of it. :lol: