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Regarding Ogre, check out OgreNewt. It’s a binding to the (excellent) Newton physics engine.
Using OpenAL and directInput you’ve got a complete game engine.[/quote:fc983b2390]

Even better, you might know that Ageia has released Physx for all developers free of charge and there is a plugin at http://www.nxogre.org/Main_Page
Looked at some of the samples it looks very good

Use Ogre for my project in Abertay and probably using it for Dare too. Investigated using Yake and GOOF but the other lads weren’t too keen even though I was all for it. Yake looks to be a neat little package of plugins but not sure how active the community is there on the webpage and the wiki. There are very few examples of games made with them but they cite on the website to just look at Ogre’s website for examples as Yake just uses Ogre for Graphics. Think in the end we went for Ogre for our project as we wanted as much flexibility as possible and didn’t want to be constrained but as I said I was all for it, anyone actually use Yake? Keen to see if it is any good