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It’s placement looks fine to me.

First Scene- Looks VERY familiar to a piece of animation I saw on 10secondclub.com a few months back…and it was done better. The lip-synch is way off on the words ‘me’ and ‘life’.

Second Scene- Nice, something new that we really don’t see in reels. Bit short though

First Run- Lack of overlap and other basic animation principles leave this run a bit flat. This rig can do more I think…like some Squash and Stretch.

Second Run- Could have done without the camera move. I’m gonna go out on a limb here…are you a fan of Final Fantasy VII? A character called Cid Highwind runs just like that :D Nice though, better than the first run. There is more character to it.

Heavy Lift- Nice. It does the job. Nice idea to offset the lightness of the feather versus the heavy sack.

Rat Shots- A German speaking rat. How bizzare! :D Nice though. I was going to ask how difficult it was to lip-synch German, then I saw the little notice at the end.

Overall a good reel. Are you a Maya user only?