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Much better than longer, ponderous (sedentary, really) games on TV-type consoles (XB, PS, GC).[/quote:c65b1177b6]

I hear ya, I spent from 7pm to midnight last night playing Rome: Total War…..even though I knew I had to be up early for work I just couldn’t stop playing.

It wasn’t my fault though, it was the Britons and Spaniards for attacking me. I couldn’t go to bed knowing I hadn’t punished them for defying the Roman Empire, so I razed their cities and crucified their citizens for rebelling against me……only then was I able to sleep soundly.

Plus the bloody Irish keep rebelling. Now I know how the British felt!
And I have to hold monthly games and races to keep the mob happy in my major cities. The sooner I gain control of the senate and become Emperor the better…….grrrr……damn plebians….

[Maybe I should go see a shrink…..]