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Under European Statutes (and Statutes of most European Members) Sony has a right to decide when/where they first market a product. So if an importer does it for them without their consent, that is an actionable cause.

And it looks like Sony won round 1 of the case

The injunction (and case) is based on trademark infringement: have a quick look at recent case law throughout the EU about this particular facet of law, and you’ll notice that an increasing proportion of such decisions favour the TM owner and that the Court orders do stick, particularly where unauthorized importing is concerned (particularly again where this affects the “first to market in EU” right of the TM owner).

Methinks this is the start of the choke on grey imports for all things videogames (new ones, that is… we still have pre-PS1 stuff to fall back on… unless this gives ideas to the current owners of the Colecovision and Intellivision TMs :lol: ), and we’ll only get to see the full-scale of this eventual decision (if it still favours Sony and the Indies don’t appeal) when PS3 / Revolution / XB360 hit these EU shores