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Well the case is over. Sony won a High Court injunction to prevent online store Nuplayer selling imported Japanese PSP consoles BUT the retailer has hit back by taking pre-orders for European PSPs at a reduced price. :lol:

Something interesting though…

“If Sony offered to make me an official distributor now, I would categorically say no, because I would have to sell at the RRP and would only receive a small allocation.”[/quote:33b1542bca]
One would assume official distrubutors would get MORE stock than official ones. I’m not surprised at the RRP limitation though…

Lik-Sang seem to be next, they recently announced that they have plans to ship PSP and Nintendo DS consoles free of charge to European consumers purchasing a game at the same time. However Sony hit back almost immediately…

“We have contacted Lik-Sang regarding imports as other infringers. We are actively considering legal remedies available to us and are approaching all known importers in the same way.” [/quote:33b1542bca]

Basically its Sony saying “Your not playing our consoles till we say you can”… :roll: