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(and it’s bloody huge, that sig, can’t you make it smaller?)

Right, so Manifesto games is a company. I thought you were talking of a style of games, like that described by Ernest Adams in his Dogma games article.
Anyway, I don’t see why there wouldn’t be any room for a competitor.
One thing that greatly, nay immensely, annoys me about Valve is that it is completely and utterly dependant on the fact that you are a rich kid with a ADSL line.
I am sorry, but I don’t have such a line. In fact, as I mentioned earlier on those forums, I only managed to play Halflife2 (which I _own_) thanks to my connections and a nice haxored copy of said title.
I think that’s fecking ridiculous.

So maybe Manifesto could try a slightly different approach?

Anyway, yes, I think there is room. You just need to think and come up with something the competition doesn’t have :P