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Hi everyone

Rosdahale is right, our demo will need a little tweaking before being available for download, but we’ll get there!

As for the girls – Nancy Lai was part of Switched On Entertainment, and she narrowly beat our Marty to the Best Artist prize. Jules, another artist, was on the midlands team Team Play, and Karen Morrison was one of the artists on The Missing Link team which won the Innovation and Creativity prize. Finally Kelsey was one of the International Scholars, also an artist, and part of the Switched On Team.

As for the whole experience, it was incredible. We were so lucky to be part of it and meet so many people in the industry. We’ve learnt alot, and although there are things we’d do differently if we were to do it again, I think we represented Northern Ireland well and with the boys from Team Doom flew the flag for the games industry in Ireland.

Thanks to everyone on here who supported us during the ten weeks, especially Tony, and Aphra it was great to meet you at Women in Games, apologies again for having to rush back to the labs!