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Problem, I have no idea where to start. [/quote:60c9437ff8]

You said it there; it can be difficult to know where to begin.

If you’ve no prior programming experience I’d actually recommend you try out Game-Maker for a while to teach you the basics of game logic etc. and then move onto a programming language:


Game maker is quite powerful and you can make games without prior programming experience- although it does come with it’s own programming language if you want more power.

If you feel a bit more confident about coding then you can try Microsoft’s XNA Game Studio which will let you create games for both Windows & X-Box 360 (Zune support coming soon also) :


XNA uses the C# programming language which is like C++ except that it has been modified to make programming less difficult, quicker and less error prone. If you want quicker (and easier !!)results, XNA might be worth looking at first instead of delving straight into C++.

Of course, C++ is still the daddy when it comes to developing commericial games and it is a very powerful language. But I honestly wouldn’t recommend beginning with it immediately. C++ can be a pig of a language to learn and even experts working with it for years still don’t fully understand some of it’s finer points. I think it’s better to start off with the easy stuff and work your way up for there. Build on a catalogue of successes, not failures !