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Kinda pissed off about that so called shindig that was supposed to be on Friday. I went to this place Mahaffy’s around 1940 on Friday and asked several people where they the guys from gamedevelopers and got the blankest looks and people wondering WTF I was talking about. The place just seemed full of student and lecturers from Trinity (They were probably all called Pronsias and spoke with D4 accents too being form Trinity college)

Ok like, seriously. where were ye sitting? Most boring hour I spent in a pub ever sitting on my own. Then I went to see Exodus in The Voodoo lounge, which kinda made up for it. But still I wanted to meet some new people as I only reluctantly moved up to Dublin for work and don’t know many people there! Ah well, I suppose theres next month. I’ll remember the post it note next time, might help.